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PADI is supported by the Interagency Educational Research Initiative (IERI) under grants REC-0089122 (PADI Planning Grant) and REC-0129331 (PADI Implementation Grant).

Principal Investigators
PADI is led by Co-Principal Investigators, Geneva Haertel (Center for Technology in Learning, SRI International) and Robert Mislevy (Department of Measurement, Statistics, and Evaluation at the University of Maryland).


The Center for Technology in Learning's (CTL) mission is improving learning and teaching through innovation and inquiry in computing and communication. SRI International, a nonprofit research institute, is a pioneer in the creation and application of innovative solutions for governments, businesses, foundations, and other organization.

University of Maryland EDMS The Department of Measurement, Statistics and Evaluation (EDMS) at the University of Maryland is one of the nation's best programs in quantitative methods.

Partners and Subcontractors
The PADI process will be utilized with dozens of teachers and hundreds of middle school students throughour development and implementation partners.

University of Michigan BioKids BioKIDs at the University of Michigan addresses both inquiry and life science content standards through data collection of animal species, examination of species patterns and distribution, and the development of individual species accounts.
Berkeley Bear The Berkeley Evaluation & Assessment Research (BEAR) center at the University of California, Berkeley, led by Mark Wilson, conducts research on the integration of assessment and evaluation.
LHS FOSS The Full Option Science System (FOSS) is an elementary school science program developed at the Lawrence Hall of Science. FOSS incorporates methodologies such as hands-on inquiry and interdisciplinary projects with contemporary methodologies such as multisensory observation and collaborative learning groups.

Friends and Associates
Various support services are provided by our friends and associates.
Code Guild Codeguild offers expert services to help clients design and implement powerful, scalable, appropriate solutions. Services include conceptual design and technology strategy, database schema and API specification, and web application design and implementation. Codeguild supplied design and implementation services for the PADI prototype.
IMS IMS Global Learning Consortium, Inc. (IMS) is developing and promoting open specifications for facilitating online distributed learning activities such as locating and using educational content, tracking learner progress, reporting learner performance, and exchanging student records between administrative systems. For PADI, the IMS QTI specification provides a foundation for information exchange.
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