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Our Expertise
Teams of researchers at our partner institutions bring different but complementary skills and expertise to PADI.

  • SRI researchers Geneva Haertel, Edys Quellmalz, Barbara Means, Robert Murphy, Anders Rosenquist, Angela Haydel, Ron Fried, and Tom Gaffney have developed web-based inquiry assessment tasks for use in evaluating the learning outcomes of technology-supported educational innovations. Programming and technical support of the conceptual assessment development is provided by Patricia Schank and Alexandra Harris.

  • Robert Mislevy has been explicating a set of principles and a guiding framework, as well as measurement models appropriate for complex assessments.

  • Mark Wilson, Cathleen Kennedy, and Karen Draney from the University of California, Berkeley, have been breaking new ground on the psychometric modeling of cognitive structures, with a special focus on science inquiry processes.

  • Nancy Songer from the BioKIDS Project and Kathy Long from FOSS are developing innovative science inquiry curricula targeted at middle school students.

  • Larry Hamel from CodeGuild provided programming and technical expertise to the conceptual assessment development.

Together these partners are integrating their knowledge, advancing a powerful new assessment design, and demonstrating its scalability at several implementation sites.

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